Custom Embedment Awards

Embedments are remarkable recognition products because they involve suspending objects inside of acrylic. The process creates unique, contemporary awards that produce interesting optical effects. Though embedments are similar to trophies, they allow for a different kind of creativity. The objects suspended in them are as simple as a logo and as elaborate as a diorama. They are particularly innovative and a unique way to represent your recognition.


When a deal is finalized between a bank and a ground breaking attraction, only an iconic piece will do. This ripple effect represents water and the t-rex character is unique to the location.

OMMA – Custom annual recognition awards


This logo is a thin piece of printed material suspended into acrylic. All different custom colors can be utilized including fluorescent and metallic shades. The block letters are etched on the front, adding another layer to the design.

James Beard

With tiered award programs, a medallion is often the common piece running throughout. This custom medallion happens to be embedded in lucite and presented with a blonde wood base. The height gives it visibility for an award event.

Saudi Arabia

A reproduction of a city built in Saudi Arabia is shown here. It’s 14K gold, three dimensional and embedded in acrylic.

Evian – Sales Appreciation Awards


New product launches often require a visual representation. A three dimensional prototype can be suspended in acrylic for a one of a kind embedment.


Four color, detailed logos can easily be displayed, embedded in acrylic. The black base serves as a perfect surface for any text or font. Embedments can be bought in bulk and personalized as needed.

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