Custom Medallions

Medallions are excellent recognition products, particularly when you want to re-create an image in a distinct way. Custom medallions have versatility as they can be mounted on plaques or trophies, suspended within embedments, or presented alone. They are manufactured in a variety of metals, from bronze to precious medals. Various finishes and mountings allow building a multi-level recognition program with the medallion as the common denominator.

Art Society – Custom Medallions


Jacqueline Kennedy was well known for her contributions to the arts. This medallion honors her name and is awarded to individuals that make an extraordinary impact on the quality of New York’s environment.

NYSE - Custom Medallions Design


A leading financial investment institution commissioned us to create an executive gift that they could present to any potential investor that visited their exchange. We created a silver-plated medallion that reflected the prestige of the institution, something which every recipient would be proud to display to commemorate their visit.

JAMES BEARD FOUNDATION - Custom Branded Medallions

James Beard Foundation Medallions

With tiered award products, a medallion is often the common piece running throughout. This example of our custom medallions happens to be embedded in lucite and presented with a blonde wood base. The height gives it visibility for an award event.

ACOG - recognition Medallions Manufacturer


An effective way to display a silver medallion is on a black wood plaque. This medallion design has been the same for over 50 years but the method of display adapts to the current message.

TAURINE CLUBS - Custom Company Medallions

Taurine Clubs Custom Medallions

An eye-catching, three color logo can be captured on a custom medallion as shown. The colors are vivid and extremely durable due to the method of production. Gloss on the logo is a finishing touch.

Olympics Custom Medallions

Olympics Custom Medallions

Perhaps the most identifiable medallion of all time is the one awarded at The Olympics. This gold custom medallion features fine detail and highlights the history of ancient Greece.

Veterans of Foreign Wars recognition medallions
The House of Seagram's recognition medallions
The Butler Institute of American Art recognition medallions
usga recognition medallions
Dedicated to The Citizens of Easton recognition medallions
Speak to The Past recognition medallions
Carter Brown Library recognition medallions
Rebellion to Tyrants Is Obedience To God recognition medallions
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