Custom Plaques

Traditional or modern plaques come in different shapes, sizes, materials and designs. Composed of combinations of a variety of materials including wood, metal, marble, glass, and acrylic our plaques are unique at prices that fit any budget. They can display large amounts of text allowing for creative copy that can exhibit your brand and message while recognizing outstanding achievement.



This plaque has an aluminum base with screen printed acrylic. This combination is commonly used for a modern look. It’s awarded to the top rated restaurants across the country.


The United Jewish Appeal

To the right you will see a double matted frame with a gold fillet. It prominently features a gold medallion. The purpose of this plaque is to award an individual for a significant contribution to their community.



Center of Excellence is a designation given to a university for their achievement in advanced learning. This product is an aluminum plaque with a multi-color overlay and metal posts.



Black high gloss wood is set into polished aluminum sides for this traditional look. The logo is etched up top and the text can be customized to award any member of staff or partner in the field.



You can’t go wrong with a gold and walnut wood plaque for a fine piece. The medallion can be made in bulk and used for various recognition pieces. The background etching represents the Richter scale.



A perpetual plaque is often displayed in the lobby of a landmark building or entry way in an office. A date plaque can be added for every year that the institution wins the award.

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