Custom Trophies

Trophies are one of the most recognizable symbols of success. Imagine a winner holding a trophy high above their head, basking in a moment of glory. This is the image that photographers capture and that the media loves. We create designs in a variety of materials including wood, metal, marble, glass, stone, and acrylic that embody your organization’s brand.
Whether traditional or modern in design, sporting events, competitions and the entertainment industry all use trophies and they remain the typical award of choice.


Music Has Power

This custom cast, gold plated trophy with a solid base is a well-known icon in the music industry. It will be recognized at award events for years to come.


Tribeca Film Festival

A truly custom created piece, this award is composed of a tower of aluminum with a blonde walnut base. The logo is deep etched and color filled into the base.


Global Check

Logos can be re-created into an actual award. This high polish aluminum check is mounted onto the globe, then secured to the base. The result is a three dimensional award.



Crystal is a very fine material that can easily adapt to different tiers of awards. This particular award features a common logo, but the shapes designate the multiple levels of distinction.


American Advertising Federation

This logo is displayed by a method called suspended etching so it appears to be floating. It’s a very stunning visual effect used often in the creative, design and architectural industries.



A complex construction like this results in a highly visual award. Two pieces of intersecting hammered metal align to hold a glass globe.

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