Veteran Affairs Service Pins

Honor those who work for the US Department of Veterans Affairs with quality-crafted Veteran Affairs service pins from The Award Group. Our unique and finely crafted service pins will show your appreciation for those who work for those who served. Each pin is designed to signify the length of service with its distinct shape and varying colors, representing a person’s many years of dedication to their role. The customized inscription will contain the appropriate text and titles related to the milestone of their service, further emphasizing the significance of this piece.

At The Award Group, we don’t believe that any recognition piece should be sub-par in quality or aesthetics. All VA service pins are made from only the highest quality materials with attention to detail so that you can be proud to honor the individual for their commitment. Each pin is unique in its design to properly symbolize their particular period of service. Whether a person has worked 5 years, 10 years or 30 years, our service pins provide a highly professional and lasting testament to the person's dedication to our veterans. Emblematic jewelry is particularly unique as it is wearable recognition. Some examples are items like pins, cufflinks, rings and charms. They are often more precious to honorees than other types of awards because they are displayed wherever the recipient goes. The Award Group designs and manufactures gorgeous emblematic jewelry of the highest quality in precious or non-precious metals, often including enameling or embedded stones.

These veteran affairs service pins symbolize pride and hard work. With The Award Group’s customization capabilities, we guarantee each pin to be tailored to fit your individual preferences. For a true show of recognition, there’s no better option than our VA service pins, as they offer lasting recognition with a distinctive classic style. Honor the dedicated individuals on your team or specific department with our thoughtfully crafted Veteran Affairs service pins. Contact The Award Group today to discuss how we can assist in the design and production of this essential emblematic jewelry piece. With more than 200 years of experience in award and recognition manufacturing, we guarantee that the quality and significance of your VA service pins will be unparalleled.

Our commitment to creating a quality, durable product is backed by our pride and tradition. These veteran affairs service pins offer a way for employers to say thank you for their service. No matter what years of service an individual has under their belt, these custom VA service pins represent that the person has devoted time to service the US government, making these pins the perfect way to thank them for their work.

When you need to show gratitude for your veteran affairs service employees, or if you simply want to recognize a job well done, you can depend on The Award Group’s veteran affairs service pins for a classic look with top quality and durability. Let us help you honor the commitment of these important individuals. Order today and commemorate those who are the foundation of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

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