Executive & Board Member Recognition

These are the individuals that have served you the longest, be sure to recognize them accordingly. The AWARD Group has extensive experience coming up with gifts for your board that will truly be treasured for years to come.



It’s not every day that you are tasked with coming up with a unique gift for an individual that has served your firm for 30 years. This gold plated hard hat demonstrates tenacity while being industry specific.


OTA Fraternity

If a client requests a wearable piece of recognition, we will come up with the solution. This three part insignia on a chain is something special that the recipient can take with them outside of the office. Other forms of wearables that we can design and manufacture include jewelry, personalized rings, cuff links and more.



Naming an award the Founder’s Award signifies it should be granted to someone who has been there since the beginning. This individual has most likely led your board through the ups and downs of doing business, now show your appreciation.



A custom scroll is most likely something your board member has never received before. The combination of personalized text as a tribute, hand calligraphy and flourish make this one of the most memorable gifts one can ever receive.

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