Associations must always be increasing membership, identify as the authority of their industry and generate non-dues revenue. Recognition plays a powerful role in these mandates.

Annual Award Programs

Associations hold trade shows for a variety of reasons, including networking, educational updates and vendor exhibitions. Your annual conference is the opportunity to demonstrate your authority in your industry. A custom award program including nominees, honorees and Hall of Fame inductees sets you apart from other associations.

The American College Of Family Trial Lawyers

Accreditation and Certification

Associations administer rigorous standards that their accredited individuals and organizations must adhere to. After completing this program, it’s a necessity to provide a certificate, plaque or scroll to commemorate this occasion.


Members are the lifeblood of an association. Because of this, it is important to recognize their achievements. Recognition encourages enthusiasm and ensures member loyalty and continuity. A comprehensive program that designates the levels of membership with tiers of awards can highlight the different levels of accomplishment.

Chapter Relations

A regional chapter program has many facets, the most important being keeping continuity with what has been established at headquarters. An award program that replicates what is being done at the national office is a very successful way to achieve uniformity. Different product levels can be created so that all employees and chapters with various levels of experience can be recognized.

Bronze Einstein Award

Donor Recognition

Most national associations have a separate foundation with a unique mission. The individuals that share your passion for the designated cause deserve a special piece such as a decorative scroll or a custom trophy to mirror their donation.

twin country recognition scrolls

Board of Directors

Board members are tasked with a number of responsibilities including establishing mission statements, setting guidelines for policies and procedures, and acquiring sufficient resources to ensure the flow of operations. Because many board members have already achieved high levels of competency, we can present a unique idea of the person who has everything.

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