Those that serve our country, including congressmen, legislators, and civil servants, must be recognized for their achievements and contributions to our nation.


Service Awards

Loyalty can often be a hallmark of government employees. They are proud to be working at your particular agency so reward them accordingly. Service Awards are often rewarded for 10, 25 and sometimes even 50 years of service.



Just like a diploma serves as the emblematic piece for a university, an accreditation by the government serves the same purpose. High ranking senior officials, diplomats, state and federal attorneys can all be recognized by a custom made product.


Challenge coins

When a visiting Head of State pays a visit, it’s customary to mark the occasion with a commemorative piece. These are often made in precious metals and can be personalized with engraving. We can also design and manufacture decorative ways to display these pieces.



When an official makes a declaration of something of importance, The AWARD Group can help you put this into writing. Timely production and attention to detail are of the essence.

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