Custom Certificate Products

Branded certificates are one of our most scalable recognition products. They fit all budgets and can range from basic to elaborate. Added touches such as embossing, seals and calligraphy on these custom company certificates enhance print on paper. Scroll down for some client examples.

NEW YORK STATE SCROLL- Custom Company Scrolls

New York State Bar Scroll

This traditional scroll, one example of our a branded certificates, is mostly computerized calligraphy, with the recipient’s name done in hand calligraphy for a personalized touch.

Major League Baseball – recognition Certificate Manufacturer


A classic font pairs nicely with the gold seal stamped on this example of our branded certificates. Cherry wood framing plus a double mat complements the team colors.

Commission On Cancer – Custom recognition Certificate

Commission on
Cancer Certificate

A certificate program for accreditation is often distributed in different levels. Our custom company certificates distinguish different levels by a foil seal in gold, silver or bronze.

American Cancer Society – modern recognition Certificate

American Cancer Society Certificate

A gold medallion is featured throughout other recognition products for this society. The image of the seal is reproduced on this certificate to show brand continuity.

IAAP - Custom Company Certificates

iaap Certificate

Corporate colors and full color logos can be added to take branded certificates from standard to specialized.

AXA - Custom Branded Certificates

AXA Certificate

We offer ways to upgrade standard certificates such as paper certificate holders, presentation folders and framing for any budget. Consider enhancing your custom award certificates with one of our beautiful presentation options.

J.P. Stevens and Co. Custom Company Certificates

Company colors and logos can be used for your custom company certificates from standard to specialized. From basic to elaborate, they fit all budgets. There are lots of options for our custom company certificates like embossing, seals (gold, silver or bronze), calligraphy, framing, presentation folders and more. Also consider these customized pieces for a certificate or recognition program. This example illustrates our custom framing and beautiful choice of font design.

tony recognition certificates
shrm package g recognition certificates
american society of civil engineers recognition certificates
Sport Psychology recognition certificates

Frequently Asked Questions

For custom certificates, contact The Award Group. Provide us with details about the type of certificate you want, the overall look, your budget, the number of certificates needed, and the time frame. Our design team will work with you to create custom certificates based on your needs. Designs will be sent for your approval.

Yes, you can reorder the same custom certificate in the future. The Award Group retains all designs for future use. So, whether you need more copies of the same certificate or want to replicate it with slight modifications, we can assist you in every step of the process.

Yes, you can definitely include your organization's logo on the custom certificate. At The Award Group, we provide an option for you to incorporate your corporate colors and full-color logos to create a specialized branded certificate that effectively communicates your brand's identity and adds a unique touch to the certificate.

Contact The Award Group to discuss all the available payment options for your custom certificate order. Our sales associates can provide detailed information on payment methods and processes.

To order a custom certificate from The Award Group, you can get in touch with our sales associates who will guide you through the process. They will discuss your requirements, the desired look for your certificate, your budget, and your time frame. Our design team will then create a tailored certificate to fit your needs.

Custom certificates by The Award Group offer several customization options to fit various needs and budgets. These options include added touches like embossing, seals in gold, silver, or bronze, and calligraphy. Company colors and full-color logos can also be added for a more specialized touch. Additionally, clients can choose upgrades like paper certificate holders, presentation folders, and framing. There are also options for distinguishing different certificate levels with a foil seal.

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