Education is empowering and those who value it – from students to teachers and professors – must be recognized.


Diplomas are essentially the emblematic piece for your college or university. We can develop a program with any budget in mind. All of the additions required to display the levels of education are available such as calligraphy, embossing, ribbons, folders and framing.

Hansjorg Wyss Department of Plastic Surgery NYU School of Medicine Plaque

Employee Recognition

Running an educational institution like a well-oiled machine takes thousands of employees. Everyone from administration to professors should be rewarded for their efforts. Staff loyalty is common so tenure, years of service and volunteerism can all be recognized.

Donor and Alumni Recognition

Giving back to a university is a wonderful way to honor your alma mater. One common approach to donor recognition is to set aside a wall, floor, or other surface upon which donors’ names might be inscribed.

Three Gold Class Rings
New York University Alumni Association
Baruch College Award
Classroom Inc Teacher Excellence Award
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