a letter from our president

June 15th, 2020


Welcome to our website.


TAG has over 350 years of combined history here in the United States, as a service recognition company. Our products have been used by thousands of organizations, allowing us to be an integral part of an industry that helps companies acknowledge the best of the best.


Today, TAG is at the forefront of cutting edge design, modern day manufacturing and always improving on customer service. 


Although our main office in currently located in New York City, we handle manufacturing and distribution from our factory in Connecticut. We also have additional offices in Washington, D.C., Florida and Virginia, which allows us to have a presence throughout this country and provides exemplary service.  Our innovative designs and strategies help our clients create products that speak to who they are as an organization.  We pride ourselves on providing service recognition products which instill pride in those who receive them. 


I thank you for stopping at our website and encourage you to spend some time perusing as you learn more about who we are as a company and the services that we offer.




Stuart Levine








Have I told you the ham story?"

Stuart Levine

President & CEO