Emblematic Jewelry

Emblematic jewelry is particularly unique as it is wearable recognition. Some examples are items like pins, cuff links, rings and charms. They are often more precious to honorees than other types of awards because they are displayed wherever the recipient goes. The Award Group designs and manufactures gorgeous emblematic jewelry of the highest quality in precious or non-precious metals, often including enameling or embedded stones.


These custom pins are distinguished by a veteran’s 10, 20, 30 and so on years of service. The basic shape is the same for each but colors and wording for each level make the difference.

Various Embossed Award Pins


Pins are a great way to reward your staff while attaining exposure for your logo. They can serve as a way to verify employment or accreditation in your field. An array of shapes, colors and variations on how to upgrade the presentation are available. LEARN MORE


These rings are the finest piece of wearable recognition. Insignias, 14K gold, precious gems and even diamonds indicate a monumental achievement or career.

Maryland State Seal Cuff Links


An item that really enhances an outfit is a pair of cuff links. Our attention to detail results in beautifully crafted pieces that the recipient will truly be honored to wear.


The most official way to represent your enforcement agency or accreditation is the gold or silver badge. It's an immediate recognition that evokes credibility. Personalization can be etched or part of the casting.

Bronze and Metal Commemorative John Deere Belt Buckles


The AWARD Group specializes in wearable recognition that is specifically tailored to your particular market. When the recipient is not sitting in the boardroom and instead out in the field, a belt buckle may be better suited for expressing your appreciation.

Veterans of Foreign Wars recognition embedments jewelry
Delta Sigma PHI recognition embedments jewelry
National Obedinence Invitational embedments jewelry
AKG Agility Nationals embedments jewelry
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