Our Entertainment and Media programs cater to high profile, often celebrity centric events. Their award is their icon. Join our outstanding list of clients and allow us to create the award that sets your event apart from the rest. If you have an existing award, we can suggest ideas to modify the current design in a cost effective way.

MUSIC HAS POWER – Custom Trophies

Annual awards

Some of our clients have started with a one day event which has developed into 4 days of programming over the years. The AWARD Group can keep up with this dynamic and deliver the full spectrum of products needed.

Critics Choice Award Trophies


Entertainment has grown rapidly to include influencers, social media, mobile applications and much more. The AWARD Group will continue to adapt to the progression of this industry and the respective award shows.

Televised Events

There is a reason you may see the same trophy year after year at a televised event. This recognition is part of the branding and meant to make an impression that lasts. Our awards walk the red carpet.

David Ogilvy Award
New Victory Award
BMI Company Board of Directors Scroll Certificate
Cine Asia Award
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