Recognition really works for those who donate to your featured cause. Honoring your donors creates a thank you plus a vehicle for future donations within their peer group. Donor contributions fund your organization’s progress. The Award Group can help pay tribute to your donors through a recognition program that not only shows your expression of gratitude, but also strengthens your brand and cultivates new donations.


The purpose of a donor recognition is to honor the major contributors of an organization while serving as an incentive for potential donors to contribute. The AWARD Group can design a tiered program that honors the act of giving at different monetary levels.


Where would your organization be without its donors? In addition to the need to thank your donors for their generosity, a token of your appreciation can inspire others to donate as well.


The act of honoring another person is a powerful celebration of their significance to an organization or community. This person can be honored in a variety of products such as a custom medallion with their image, decorative scrolls and other custom commemorative pieces.


25 years serving on the board of a non-profit is something that should be commended in a significant way. This modern looking piece epitomizes our thinking outside of the box approach to awards, if that is what your organization requests.

American Cancer Society – modern recognition Certificate
Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Head Bust Award
Carter Brown Library recognition medallions
Various Embossed Award Pins in and near a green case
Clinton Global Initiative Award
Foodbank Donor Plaque
Bronze Einstein Award
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