Custom Scrolls

Our custom scrolls date back to the late 1700’s when our Ames & Rollinson division first started in the colonies. Every scroll is individually done by an artist’s hand to recognize achievement in a traditional way. The old world feel of our custom scrolls offers a unique palette for elaborating text on an individual’s accomplishments.

ASAM - Custom Scrolls

ASAM Custom Scrolls

Only a piece as fine as this will suffice for Vice President Joseph Biden. The hand calligraphy, gold flourish and gilded frame make this one of our most exceptional custom scrolls to date.

BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE- Custom Recognition Scrolls


Here you will see an eight page bound leather book with hand calligraphy and gold illumination. This keepsake will artfully record the lifetime achievements of a special person.

HISTORIC PRESERVATION FOUNDATION- Recognition Scrolls Manufacturer


Notice the amount of text that is included in this scroll. Our calligraphers carefully draft this in pencil. The meticulous detail is then turned into color, flourish is added as the last step. The colors stay vivid for a lifetime due to our expert preservation.

BMI- Custom Branded Scrolls


A scroll is often decided upon for an executive, celebrity or esteemed individual who has received countless accolades over the years. This piece for a musical artist is certainly something he probably has not received before.

NEW YORK STATE SCROLL- Custom Company Scrolls


Being sworn into a state Supreme Court is a major career step in the legal profession. This custom scroll features calligraphy, signatures of all the presiding judges and a gold seal to make it official.

LEATHER BOUND SCROLL- Custom Scrolls Design


Board Members or Directors can be honored in a very special way by their colleagues. This bound scroll features personal details and is sure to be treasured by the executive and their family for years to come.

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tiffany recognition scrolls
twin country recognition scrolls
The United States Golf Association recognition scrolls

Frequently Asked Questions

At The Award Group, we make ordering custom scrolls easy. One of our experienced sales associates will walk you through each step of the process. First, we will need to know what type of a scrolls you’re looking for, the overall look you want the custom scrolls to have, your budget, how many scrolls you need, and the time frame. Next, our design team will get to work on creating a custom scrolls that is tailored to your needs. Once designs are created, they will be sent to you to approve. Clients are sent a 3D rendering of the scrolls. Any requested tweaks are made and the client is asked to approve the final design. Once approved, the custom scrolls will go into production.

It is not necessary but recommended.

Most award programs are annual and awards are needed year after year. Since pricing is based on the quantity ordered, we can hold onto the additional inventory for the client. That way you would not encounter the chance of an increased price down the road. We hold your inventory at no cost.

Yes, we will send a design proof for custom scrolls. When designing a custom scrolls, our clients are always sent a 3D rendering of their scrolls. Clients will then have the opportunity to make any changes to the custom scrolls and approve the final design. Once we receive approval, the custom scrolls is then produced.

Yes, quantity and budget are always taken into consideration. When it comes to custom scrolls, the greater the quantity ordered the lower the total cost. The Award Group will work with your budget and help you to get the best price possible.

Yes. A sample of a custom scrolls can be ordered as long as time allows. Our sales associates will notify you of the total cost of the sample before it is produced.

Yes, we keep everything on file for all of our clients. Our history spans more than four decades and we have the tools needed for every award we have ever made.

No, we require that all approvals for custom designs are given in writing.

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