Recognition motivates achievement.

The Award Group does more than just create unique recognition products and programs for all types of industries. We create products and programs that celebrate success and inspire pride, gratitude and appreciation for motivating future achievement.

That’s why we say, We only go home with winners!

Recognition Products

  • Plaques

    Plaques are presented when an award will be displayed on a wall for all to see.

  • Trophies

    Trophies are bestowed when a three-dimensional, table-mounted award is the preferred memento.

  • Medallions

    Medallions, symbols of achievement, can stand alone or be the centerpiece for a plaque, trophy or embedment.

  • Embedments

    Embedments are similar to trophies but feature an item that is encapsulated in acrylic resin, also known as Lucite ® and Plexiglas ®.

  • Scrolls and Certificates
    Scrolls and Certificates

    Scrolls and Certificates are personalized, artistic documents that celebrate specific events. They can be used to affirm a particular achievement or validate a person’s qualification.

  • Emblematic Jewelry
    Emblematic Jewelry

    A custom pin, ring or set of cuff links is a wearable recognition that displays an individual’s achievement.

Recognition by Industry

  • Association Recognition
    Association Recognition

    Associations must recognize those members that aid their causes, which include education, government intervention, and industry innovation.

  • Non-Profit Organizations
    Non-Profit Organizations

    Non-profit organizations inspire hope and gratitude when they honor their employees, volunteers, and affiliates.

  • Corporations

    Corporations should always honor valuable employees to encourage loyalty and foster productivity.

  • Government

    Those that serve our country, including congressmen, legislators, and civil servants, must be recognized for their achievements and contributions to our nation.

  • Media/Entertainment

    Eye-catching awards will set apart certain media and entertainment companies from their competitors and strengthen their brands.

  • Health Care
    Health Care

    To honor those individuals that excel in the health care industry is to encourage high standards and exceptional service.

  • Education

    Education is empowering and those who value it – from students to teachers – must be recognized.

  • Sports

    Exceptional sports awards inspire others to achieve greatness, solidify the bonds between teammates, and encourage future competition.

Recognition Programs

  • Employee Recognition
    Employee Recognition

    Employee service recognition increases retention, which is vital to maintaining a successful and profitable organization.

  • Executive and Board of Directors Recognition
    Executive and Board of Directors Recognition

    To recognize someone who is highly accomplished and moved your company forward in significant ways needs an award that is appropriate to this accomplishment.

  • Nominee Recognition
    Nominee Recognition

    Nominee recognition is not only an excellent way to acknowledge the accomplishments of the second and third tier of winners it also improves your overall standing within your industry.

  • Certification Recognition
    Certification Recognition

    A certification program offers an individual a way to demonstrate their level of achieved professionalism while recognizing the organization as the industry authority.

  • Donor Recognition
    Donor Recognition

    By donors being recognized by organizations, additional donations will likely follow from friends and peers.

  • Membership Recognition
    Membership Recognition

    A successful identifiable membership recognition program will noo only maintain but also increase your organization’s membership total.

  • Dealer Recognition
    Dealer Recognition

    A dealer recognition program is an exceptional way to recognize the retailers and distributors of your high-quality, recognized products while displaying your brand and affirming the dealers credibility.

  • Custom Award Websites
    Custom Award Websites

    For global organizations that require uniform sourcing and branding of their recognition products, we create a client specific internet platforms that are extremely user-friendly.