Celebrate Corporate Volunteering

In addition to everything your employees do in a day to day role, volunteering outside the office is becoming more common among corporations. Your corporate mission is important. How you reward your employees for participating can further your cause.


One way to make it fun among your employees is to make it competitive. Say you have a monetary goal you want to reach for a charity. Ask your employees to create internal teams with a theme, branded apparel, showcase day about the charity etc. The team that raises the most money wins and is recognized. This could be a notable end of year event where the team receive accolades, a lunch in the office or mention in the company newsletter. Your corporate mission is enforced while your staff cements a bond. A branded company award can be created for this event. It can be displayed in the office and serve as a reminder to always consider the importance of giving back.


Another way to reward your staff is to let them select the charity. What are their personal pursuits? Taking a poll is a great way to learn more about your employees. You can conduct an online survey and ask staff to vote on the top three charities. The employees who suggested the chosen charities are recognized as the winners. You can invite them to tell a little bit more about this charity and why it’s so close to their heart. Then, when the donation is made, a corporate recognition award can be created and gifted by your company to the selected non-profit. This is a great complement to a sizable check.


Many companies are setting aside a day each year to volunteer. This should be celebrated and increased participation should be a goal for each year. An internal team is usually involved in organizing this day and it’s no small feat. Be sure to recognize these people that go above and beyond their regular duties. A special commemorative piece or even a small gesture like a handwritten note will show you truly appreciate what they have done to extend your corporate mission.


The Award Group has extensive experience in corporate awards.  Tell us your budget and how many recipients. From there we can create a custom award that signifies your mission while involving employees and executives at every level.


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