How to show gratitude for years of service

As the New Year is about to begin, taking the time to recognize the loyalty and achievements of long-term employees sets the stage for continued success. Gratitude can come in many forms. Some businesses put together a lunch or take their sales team to a dinner to celebrate. While these forms of recognition are nice and certainly appreciated, a custom award can be treasured for years to come. Creating a custom award, whether it be a trophy, plaque, custom pin, medallion or even a certificate of appreciation goes a long way in your employees’ eyes. It makes a statement to the person who has received it, and motivates your other employees. Consider how you feel when you have successfully completed a project at work. Perhaps you spent months creating a strategy and planning and executing a project. The satisfaction you feel is magnified when others notice your hard work. Employees who feel valued are more likely to stay at their job. In today’s market, it has become increasingly more challenging to find talent and retain them. 

Creating a recognition program has a number of benefits. Acknowledging achievements and longevity significantly increases morale and productivity. When a manager, a company or a Board of Directors recognizes your achievement or the number of years you have been with a company; they say: I know who you are, I value what you do, and I want you to know that you are appreciated. The Award Group has a team of designers that can help you turn your vision into a custom award that is sure to delight. Honor your long-term employees with custom awards that reflect your mission and recognize their achievements and loyalty. Showing gratitude to your employees, volunteers, or board members is an excellent practice to get into. Sometimes, the simplest of acts can have the most significant impacts. Turn this act of gratitude into a yearly tradition that people will look forward to. Success is contagious, let The Award Group help you recognize and motivate your team!


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