Trophy vs. Plaque: Which is the Perfect Award?

trophies vs plaques

You are about to plan an award program or special event for your company. But what do you choose for a recognition piece? Plaques and trophies are the most commonly used products to recognize employees, executives, or association members. Trophies vs Plaques, they both have unique benefits. Here’s how you decide.

Who will be receiving the award?

High-level executives are accustomed to receiving both trophies and plaques. A trophy tends to have more of a high perceived value. So if the award is for a CEO, generous donation, or Hall of Fame award, a trophy may be the best fit. If the award will be bestowed to a team or group of individuals, a plaque that can be displayed in a common area of an office or factory offers a great solution.

What type of event will it be used for?

If you are selecting an award for a televised event or a gala with a featured honoree, a trophy is a good way to go. The height and sophisticated design are conducive to the honored individual holding it up for display.

A plaque is a good fit for honoring a company with a prominent lobby or location where it can be seen by staff. Also, a commemorative piece where names and dates will be added at a later date is often shown in a plaque.

Traveling trophies are a way to show your appreciation for employees all across the country. They are personalized each year, and their one-of-a-kind caliber elicits status and praise.

What is your budget?

A plaque can be sized at the standard 8.5 x 11 or 9 x 12. When producing a large run upward of 100+ pieces, this type of program can be very cost-effective. Plaques can even be scaled down to 8 x10 to maximize your budget. While extremely unique, a custom trophy may incur a one-time setup charge that results in a higher expenditure than a few plaques.

What is your time frame?

Custom trophies do require a bit more planning; it’s best to allow 3 to 6 months from start to finish. If you will be giving out this type of award annually, The Award Group can design a piece but then hold the inventory and personalize as needed. We keep base plaque materials such as lucite, wood, and medal in stock so plaques can be turned around very quickly.

How much information needs to be included in the award?

If you need to include a lot of text, a plaque is the best product to choose. A simple name, title, and date are usually included on a trophy while the design speaks for itself.

There really is a perfect piece to showcase your honored individual’s achievements. You want to select a piece that is carefully thought out and offers accolades.

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