How to Create a Custom Trophy

Many potential clients come to The Award Group with an idea for an award, but with no idea how to create it. They may have seen something they like at a televised event or admired an award on a colleague’s desk or displayed in their office. It’s a great place to start but just part of the whole process. We welcome ideas but can also create custom designs and tweak them along the way.

Before you get started, three pieces of pertinent information should be gathered: How many recipients, when is the event or in hands date and what is your budget? Regarding the cost, many clients will reply that they don’t know the budget. The price should be narrowed down to a range to avoid revisions and so that expectations are met. The pricing also determines what type of product will be selected such as a lower cost certificate, versus a plaque or trophy.

After this information is collected, a salesperson at The Award Group will ask some questions about your vision for this award. Will it be given to recipients in person or mailed to them? Will there be a celebration associated with this award? Are you thinking a desktop award or something that can be displayed on a wall? Are the recipients executives, employees, or both? Would you say your organization is traditional or modern? Are there any specific colors or materials you had in mind? The salesperson can provide images of other awards that we have created for inspiration and our website also has images of our scope of work. If your company has a style guide it’s best to provide that and if not, then a high resolution logo.

After we have a plan for a design, this information is given to our Art Director. The design team will provide 2 or 3 custom designs at no charge. If the potential design is what you were thinking, then great and straight to pricing. If not, we can revise the design after discussing the likes and dislikes of the provided design. After a design is selected and budget is met, The Award Group will provide a quote that is valid for 90 days.

It may seem like a daunting process when you aren’t really certain what you are looking for, but the expertise of our staff will make this a pretty seamless process. It’s best to allow at least 6 months to design, price and produce a custom award. The awards will then be ready to go without any tight timelines for your big event!


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