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Recognition is often cited as one of the most important contributing factors to career satisfaction and an overall sense of accomplishment among employees. The Award Group can help you with a strategic approach to your achievement and service recognition needs. Acknowledging achievement can motivate future performance while retaining talent and creating loyalty tha will endure. Engaged and enthusiastic people are the core of any outstanding organization and they deserve to be recognized.

Sales Recognition

Motivation through recognition! Because salespeople are often competitive, a strong recognition program will urge them to excel beyond their peers. The correct program will boost employee self-esteem, encourage a competitive work environment, and increase your sales!

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Appropriate sales recognition
products include:

  • Plaques
  • Embedments
  • Trophies
  • Emblematic Jewelry

Various awards might include:

  • Manager of the Year
  •  District of the Year
  • M.V.P.

Length of Service Awards

Length of service awards demonstrate that corporations value employee loyalty and perseverance. They are an excellent way to maintain employee longevity. The Award Group designs plaques, trophies, and embedments to which various dates can be added to represent benchmark years at a company.

Ideal products for length of
service awards include:

  • Plaques
  • Trophies
  • Embedments
  • Medallions
  • Certificates
  • Emblematic Jewelry
  • Executive Gift

Examples of such programs include:

  • Five, ten, and twenty-five years of service awards
  • Lifetime achievement awards
  • Recognition for time served as president or C.E.O.
  • Recognition for time served as committee chairman
  • Recognition for retirement
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Board of Directors Recognition

Board members are vital to any non-profit organization and are charged with a number of responsibilities, including establishing mission statements, setting guidelines for policies and procedures, and acquiring sufficient resources to ensure organization operations. These individuals should always be celebrated for their contributions especially at the end of their term.

Because many board members have already achieved high levels of competency and won many awards, associations must present them with something truly unique. For the “person who has everything,” handwritten, personalized scrolls are an elegant and original way to say “thank you”, their accomplishment are stated and presented in a beautiful medium.

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Additional instances for recognition include:

  • Recognition of volunteers
  • Presentation of honorary degrees
  • Appreciation of convocation speakers
  • Recognition of guest lecturers
  • Presentation of continuing education and special course certificates

National and Global Corporations

For corporations with multiple locations, The Award Group designs password-protected websites that are extremely user-friendly. These websites allow members at any location to log on and purchase pre-approved award products. The products are unique and personalized and the website allows for uniformity and consistency throughout the corporation. Advantages of this service include:

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  1. Uniform recognition products companywide
  2. National and global branding
  3. Cost savings for group and bulk orders

Such websites are helpful when planning:

  • Global conferences
  • Annual sales meetings
  • Corporate retreats

Our clients:

Some of our clients include AXA Financial Advisors, American Express, Bose, Disney, Nielsen, Meredith Corporation, New York Stock Exchange, and Time, Inc.

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