Custom Pin

Whether you are looking to promote your business, spread awareness for a great cause, or show off someone’s dedication to an organization or association designing a custom pin might be what you are looking for. Custom lapel pins are one of a kind that can help build awareness or demonstrate loyalty. In many cases, branded company lapel pins are collected by members and non-members alike. They help foster a sense of pride. And, serve as wearable extensions that can be great fundraising assets as well as help people proudly associate themselves with a university or association.

branded company pins

The best part of all is that there is an incredible amount of design freedom. These functional and company-branded lapel pins can be created to fit any need for awards, honors, clubs and more! Oftentimes these are good conversation starters.
• University pride.
• Company spirit….. Met ( Website )
• Recognition of tenure……VA Pins ( website )
• Sales achievement level…..Guardsmark (Website)
• Association with a company or service (TBD)
• Help spread awareness for a cause NYC 2000 (Product catalog)

Custom Pin Manufacturer

We also make Pins:

• In the healthcare field (Frontier Nursing pin).
• For the National Corvette Restorers Society (in the works!) with the mission to support automotive-related scholarship programs.
• Leadership Broward Foundation - a leadership development training organization - another example of our branded company lapel pins.
• Horatio Alger Association – an educational organization also developing scholarship programs.

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